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How to choose reliable plastic toys?

There are tens or even hundreds of price gaps for plastic toys that seem to be the same on the market. Why is there such a gap?
It’s because the plastic raw materials are different. Good plastic toys use ABS plastic plus food-grade silicone, while cheap plastic toys are likely to use toxic recycled plastic.

How to choose a good plastic toy?
1. Smell, good plastic has no smell.
2. Look at the color, the high-quality plastic is shiny and the color is more vivid.
3. Look at the label, qualified products must have 3C certification.
4. Look at the details, the corners of the toy are thicker and more resistant to falling.

In addition to these simple judgments, let me briefly tell you that there are these types of plastics used in toys. You can make choices according to the labels on the products when you buy them.

1. ABS
the three letters represent the three substances of “acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene” respectively. This material has good dimensional stability, wear resistance, drop resistance, non-toxic, harmless, low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, but it is best not to scald with boiling water, because it may taste or deform.

2. PVC
PVC can be hard or soft. We know that the sewer pipes and infusion pipes are all made of PVC. Those model figures that feel both soft and hard are made of PVC. PVC toys can’t be disinfected with boiling water either, they can be cleaned directly with a toy cleaner, or just wipe with a rag dipped in soapy water.



3. PP
Baby bottles are made of this material, and PP material can be put into a microwave oven, so it is used as a container, and it is also mostly used in toys that babies can eat, such as teethers, rattles, etc. Sterilize by boiling in high temperature water.

4. PE
Soft PE is used to make plastic wrap, plastic bags, etc., and hard PE is suitable for one-time injection molding products. it is used to make slides or rocking horses. This kind of toys requires one-time molding and is hollow in the middle. When choosing large toys, try to choose one-time molding.


5. EVA
EVA material is mostly used to make floor mats, crawling mats, etc., and is also used to make foam wheels for baby carriages.


6. PU
This material cannot be autoclaved and can only be cleaned slightly with warm water.


Our Figure: 90% of the material is mainly made of pvc. Face: ABS/parts without hardness:;PVC (usually 40-100 degrees, the lower the degree, the softer the material) or PP/TPR/cloth as small parts. TPR: 0-40-60 degrees. Hardness over 60 degrees for TPE.

Of course, there are more new plastic materials being applied to toys. When parents buy, don’t worry if they don’t know them. Judge according to the four methods we mentioned above, and look for certified merchants and brands. Open your eyes and buy quality toys for your child.

Children’s physical and mental development is achieved through activities. Toys can promote the development of children and improve the enthusiasm of activities. When young children do not have extensive exposure to real life, they learn about the world through toys. Therefore, parents must choose safe toys when choosing toys.

Post time: Aug-05-2022