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WJ0041 Mini 3D Toy – Flocking Panda That Loves to Eat Bamboo

Short Description:

♞ Raise awareness of endangered species among kids

♞ 10 variants in different postures

♞ About 2” tall which fits nicely in a little palm

♞ Flocked with velvet skin

♞ Mass production mold ready


Weijun Toys has two figurine factories of our own in different parts of China – Dongguan Weijun (107,639 ft²) & Sichuan Weijun (430,556 ft²). For nearly 30 years, Weijun Toys has endeavored to offer 3D figurines of both ODM & OEM to the global toy world, that are timely and out of ordinary.


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China's national treasure panda is a national first-class protected animal.They have survived on the earth for at least 8 million years and are known as "living fossils" and "Chinese national treasures". The giant panda has black and white body color, round cheeks, large dark circles under the eyes, the iconic walking style of the inner eight characters, and also has sharp scalpel-like claws. The black and white appearance is conducive to hiding in the trees and snow-covered ground in the dense forest and is not easy to be found by natural enemies. Relatively sharp claws and well-developed and powerful front and rear limbs are beneficial for giant pandas to quickly climb tall trees. Bamboo is the panda's favorite and most important food. They naturally like to sleep in, stay in a daze, and climb trees. What's even cuter is that they also like to take a bath. Pandas are generally very happy when they see a place with water, and they will jump in to take a bath and play around.

As a professional toy design, manufacturing, and toy vendor enterprise, Weijun released a simulation panda doll. They are black and white, with big heads and round stomachs, and they live happily and play in the bamboo forest. Ears, hands, feet are their distinctive black color, and the essential and most characteristic feature is their dark circles under the eyes.

WJ0041 Mini 3D Toy - Flocking Panda That Loves to 2
WJ0041 Mini 3D Toy - Flocking Panda That Loves to 1

10 figures, they have different postures, standing, lying, sitting and so on. We adopt a reasonable design and assembly suitable for production, so that the mini panda toys can well show their cute and playful style. The size of 6.*3.5*3cm is considered to be a medium-to-upper size among our ODM products, which is in line with the characteristics of the panda's fat body. Using totally Eco PVC material, through the injection molding process that we are good at, the pandas are about 18g weight, which is very light and easy for children to hold in their hands. In order to highlight and match the panda's fur, we also planted a thin layer of velvet on the pandas, which feels very good to the touch.

We Sichuan people often joke that the biggest dream in a panda's life is to be able to take a color photo. However, in real life, the panda's wish is undoubtedly unfulfilled. Therefore, Weijun came up with a whim and designed a total of three pandas. In addition to black and white, there are pink and white, purple and white. I have to say that the real thing looks great, and you may think that it does not conform to the characteristics of pandas, but in the toy world, why not be colorful?

These pandas, in addition to being displayed in the form of blind bags and blind boxes, can also be made into keychains, both 2D or 3D keyrings are all ok. Whether they are hung on the backpack or together with the keys, wherever you go, the pandas can follow. In addition, we can also make a panda with luminous light through our unique technology. In the dark night, he is a beam of light for you. And also a pencil toppers are available too if you want.


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